Now this is debatable whether or not this is a serious fashion trend, the humble bike short. Many have paid homage to the late Princess Diana for her contribution in the 90’s for making the practical athletic wear a fashion statement. Interesting how in society we create a trend out of nothing. I’m sure Lady Di was not intending to make a fashion statement when sporting, no pun intended, the fluro orange bike shorts and jumper, more likely just going about her business sticking to her fitness regime.  Jump to 2018 and its reared it’s little head, transcending onto the runways of Alexander Wang, Off-white, Nina Ricci, Dolce and Gabanna and Saint Laurent just to name a few. 


On the ground, dare I say her name….starts with Kim ends with Kardashian but she must be mentioned as she had really kicked this bad boy off in 2017 along with the likes of Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Christine Centenera, who by the way has included the bike short in her new luxury essentials brand , WARDROBE.NYC and lastly my fav street style blogger Emili Sindlev and her uber cool Scandinavian posse.

Images:, Harper’s,

Personally, I’ve come around to this trend, it may not be for everyone but if I were to attempt this street style trend, I’d pull it together with either an over-sized blazer and sorbet strappy kitten heels or a massively over-sized 90’s graphic tee, matte black bike shorts and a classic checked Burberry men’s shirt and of course the dad sneaker. Check it out!