Inspired by spaghetti westerns and the likes of John Wayne, I have created a mini collection based on last weeks post on all things western. When I begin the design process from conceptualising an idea, developing designs and putting pen to paper, in my case pencil to paper, it’s always important to maintain a clear path and direction whilst staying true to your brand’s identity. It’s very easy for a designer to get carried away with the hype of a trend and forego your overall brand aesthetic. Though there are many ways you can incorporate a subtle flavour into your design without slapping your customers in the face with all things western. With that being said for Hot Chips and Sorbet I’ve gone all out and channeled my inner cowgirl.

Outfit One: The Western Jacket

Outfit Two: The Smock

Outfit Three: The Gingham Blouse

Outfit Four: The Backless Maxi

Outfit Five: The Lace Slip