I did it, I completed a 31-day drawing challenge!

I happened to stumble across Inktober a few days before the 1st of October and was immediately intrigued. Inktober is an ink drawing challenge that runs for the month of October, as the name suggests. It was something I had never heard of and when I delved into the details of it I was up for the challenge!

The rules were simple:
1) Make a drawing in ink.
2)Post it 
3) Tag it

With a prompt list to spark one’s creativity, the challenge was not only to produce a sketch a day but create an illustration themed on the daily prompt word. There were prompts I loved and immediately knew what I was going to sketch, others were tough and some were topics I wouldn’t normally be inspired by. I didn’t plan ahead, I liked to leave it to the day and see what would come. 

Time became a factor also, life didn’t stop so I had to commit and do what I could with the time I had. This sometimes hindered the quality of my creations but for the most part, I was pretty happy with the illustrations I was creating.  I’m tempted to go back and re-sketch some of the ones I’m not so fond of.

One of the prompts was Swollen, I was stumped. Sure a few things popped into my head but it really wasn’t working for me. At that time there was a competition which ran alongside Inktober which offered 3 alternative words for the following 3 days, so I went with that word instead, Light. I’m setting myself a new challenge, a 32nd illustration depicting SWOLLEN! My mind is still perplexed by the ugliness of this word and what I could actually sketch.
That’s the one thing I learnt about myself as an artist, is that I always tend to create sketches that are positive or have an undertone of happiness, never too dark or ugly. I do however love the imagery of a skull and always have.

I’ve learnt a lot throughout this experience funnily enough. Like with anything in life committing to whatever you decide to do and seeing it through is quite empowering and rewarding even for something as simple a 31-day drawing challenge. It has also shown me that there are more hours in your day than you think and to better utilize your time with stimulating and productive tasks, dare I say it…less Netflix maybe?

All in all, I loved this creative challenge, it has only increased my creativity and drive for my current projects. Stay tuned as you all may be able to have a little piece of HCS . WATCH THIS SPACE!

These would have to be my favourite illustrations. To see all 31 illustrations you can check them out on HCS Instagram, @hotchipsandsorbet.  Let me know what you think? Which is your favourite? What else would you like to see me illustrate?